The Night Circus Summary

The Night Circus Summary

An unusual circus shows up in the city. There are neither bright nor joyful colors; it is all about a black, silver and white scheme. The magic atmosphere of the place fascinates everyone who enters the gates. One can hardly argue with the fact that it is genuinely enchanted.

Two magicians, Prospero the Enchanter, and a man named Alexander are sworn rivals. Trying to find out who of them is stronger, both men choose two students, teach them and then keep an eye on the competition. Every spell they perform is noted. To end the game, one should exhaust an opponent to death. After a bitter losing the last game, Hector is determined to win this one. Having the best student he ever had, his own daughter, the man is sure he is going to win. Unfortunately for Celia, her father is rather strict, even merciless teacher, who stays mute to tears.

Unlike Hector, A.H. works in an entirely different way. After finding an appropriate candidate, a little orphan, Marco, he let the boy study on his own. Thousands of books are his only one company. Years fly by and it is high time to start the game. Neither Celia nor Marco knows anything about each other. Obeying Alexander’s wish, Marco starts working as theatrical producer's assistant. Being inspired with an idea to create a circus, Chandresh immerses in preparations.

When Celia comes to an illusionist casting, the assistant realizes that she is his opponent. Then follow the years of competition. Strangely enough, the rivals don’t even know the rules of the game. The circus becomes their stage. Although the pair doesn’t see each other often, for the circus constantly travels and Marco stays in London, they feel a strong connection which turns out to be true love.

The circus’s contortionist, Tsukiko, who is also the winner of the last game, tells Celia that to end the game one must die. The problem is that Celia’s death is going to be a death of the circus too.

The twins, Poppet and Winston, who can read the future and the past, know that there is a way to save their home, the circus. Someone should replace Celia. It happens so that there is a candidate. He is just an ordinary boy, Bailey, but he loves the place with all his heart. Not to mention, that the lad is enamored of Poppet. Although he doesn’t immediately agree, for it is a big decision to make, Bailey leaves everything behind and starts looking for the circus. Trying to save Celia’s life, Marco enters the bonfire. As soon as she sees this, she joins him and flames encircle them. She manages to perform the spell, which allows to get rid of a physical body and stay alive. The pair is finally free and together. Bailey replaces her and the circus continues its existence up to now.

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