The Night Circus Metaphors and Similes

The Night Circus Metaphors and Similes

Mediums (Metaphor)

The people whom Celia has to work with are usually so grief-stricken that they are ready to believe every word she utters. They don’t want to think that it all could be just a game. Looking at Celia, they don’t perceive her as a person but “ a bridge to their lost ”, for mediums is believed to be a thread between this world and another world. She is their only one chance to maintain the connection.

Evasive (Metaphor)

Chandresh is a famous theatrical producers, whose talent is undeniable and ambitions are plentiful. Even being known for eccentricity , Chandresh knows that he should tell his friends about his circus idea carefully. His carefulness makes him sound so evasive tha t one of the guests asks him to stop “ beating around the bush ” and – finally – tell them a reason he brings them together.

Friendly atmosphere (Metaphor)

When Celia addresses Mme. Padva as “Madame”, everyone “ turns to look at her in surprise ”. Being rather amused, Mme. Padva suggests that they should “ loosen those corset laces ”, if they want to have intimate atmosphere during the meeting. To loosen corset laces means to be free of formalities.

Shocked (Simile)

Marco meets Celia during an audition. He realizes that this young woman is not just an artist, she is his opponent. He is so shocked that his face becomes “ as white as a sheet ”. Sudden paleness of Marco indicates that he is extremely impressed with Celia’s abilities and her personality. He also could not imagine that he would meet her under such circumstances.

An accessory (Simile)

As soon as Prospero the Enchanter finds out that he has a daughter to take care about, he turns her into a certain sort of accessory. Celia is “ dressed too nicely ”. The girl looks pretty, “ perfect as a shop-fresh doll ”. This simile indicates that Celia looks too good for average kinds, who run, play and just have fun. Her look and her solemnity seem to be artificial.

An animated conversation (Simile)

Chandresh is not only a great theatrical producer but also a great host. People he invites are usually friendly, talkative and open-minded. The conversation they have is “ as pleasant and flowing as the wine ”. This simile involving wine indicates that the conversation is natural and goes as easily as a bottle of wine pours.

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