The Mothers Background

The Mothers Background

Written by Brit Bennett, The Mothers (published in 2016) tells the story of a young girl named Nadia Turner who just lost her mom to suicide. After her mother's death, she goes to her local church to see a pastor and grieve. But then she finds out that she's pregnant, and the dad is a football player from her school that got injured. Since she is pregnant, she will have to grow up quickly and have no mother to help her. The summer before she was pregnant she spent all her money and thus puts herself in an impossible situation. She must deal with all the troubles and situations in her life as well as possible.

When it was released The Mothers, was liked by many and got amazing reviews. One reviewer who liked the book said that it is "A wise and sad coming-of-age story showing how people are shaped by their losses. Recommended for both adult and teenage." Another reviewer said that "Such a tale to tell of many women who silently suffer as they reflect on choices made when they were too young to process the lasting effects of decisions made in secret."

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