The House at Pooh Corner Irony

The House at Pooh Corner Irony

Owl's Reputation As Academically Brilliant

Everyone believes Owl to be academically brilliant because he can spell "Tuesday" but the irony here is that nobody else can spell Tuesday so they would not know if he was spelling it correctly or not and therefore cannot judge whether he is really intelligent or not.

Pooh's Intelligence

Pooh is considered to have very little brain but ironically whenever there is an emergency that requires a plan of action, such as Owl's house blowing down making an escape plan from it necessary, it is Pooh who comes up with a genuinely workable plan that saves the day.

Christopher Robin Being Worried

Christopher Robin is worried that Pooh will forget him when they don't play together anymore. This is ironic because it is Christopher Robin who is moving on and who will have so many new people and new experiences whilst Pooh will still be doing the same things each day in the forest that he has always done, so it is far more likely that he will remember Christopher Robin than vice versa.

Eeyore's House Being Moved

Pooh and Piglet think that Eeyore needs a house and make him one out of a pile of sticks they find. This turns out to be Eeyore's house so because of Piglet he ends up moving. The irony here is that when everyone is trying to find a new house for Owl, Eeyore discovers the perfect home, not knowing that it belongs to Piglet, so because of Eeyore, Piglet is now moving. Both characters caused the other to be temporarily homeless but with the best of intentions.

Eeyore Disparaging Pooh's Intelligence

Eeyore makes no secret at all of the fact he thinks Pooh is the least smart of all if his friends. However, ironically when Eeyore is floating down the river and cannot get out of the water it is Pooh (with his limited brain power) who comes up with the idea of how to rescue him.

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