The Harvest Gypsies: On the Road to the Grapes of Wrath Background

The Harvest Gypsies: On the Road to the Grapes of Wrath Background

The Harvest Gypsies is a seven article long discussion written for newspapers by John Steinbeck. The articles are concerned about the lives of migrant workers in California during the 1920's. Steinbeck begins the discussion talking about the foreign migrants that migrate to California to work on various fields harvesting crops. The foreign workers include Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and after their work is done they are treated as a plague that needs to be gotten rid of (not like they were treated very differently during their work time).

A new issue arises with the American migrants migrating from states where drought had destroyed their farms and homes. These migrants live in horrible living conditions in squatting camps where their human decency is completely crushed.

Then, Steinbeck goes on to discuss their treatment and then provides some solutions to their crisis, which primarily include treating these American migrants as human beings and then treating them as Americans that they are, helping them build their lives anew and give them hope. He finally talks about the crisis they might bring to the state if this issue isn't resolved properly because mistreatment of these people might result in riots and have disastrous consequences.

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