The Golden Compass Themes

The Golden Compass Themes


Childhood, in the universe of the Golden Compass, is represented by the shifting forms of the daemons, as they only take on a single form after during a child's puberty. This form usually represents the sort of person the human is, as the daemons are the physical representations of a person's soul, and so the shape-shifting souls of children represent the way in which they can become anything. Childhood is a theme that presents the beginning of life and the innocence it brings.


The church is a powerful and controlling force within the Golden Compass, its main goal being to stop the corruption of Dust, which represents the original sin. The church of this world tries to control ideas of morality and good, all the while being a corrupt organisation itself.

Right and Wrong

The Golden Compass has many of characters who seek power only for themselves, but many characters act for what they think is right or what they believe is the greater good. Characters such as the protagonist Lyra have a purer idea of what is right, however her father is willing to sacrifice a child for his experiments and her mother, who leads a violent arm of the church, sacrifices many lives for her own goals.

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