The Golden Compass Metaphors and Similes

The Golden Compass Metaphors and Similes

Bad adviser (Metaphor)

John Faa, who is a leader of the gyptian people, always inspires all the readers with his wisdom. He affirms that “anger is a bad adviser”. Grief and despair provoke this anger. If grief and despair begin to control John Faa, then the sweetness of revenge will arise between him and his main goal. The main goal is to save children. However, anger always destroys confidence and creates pain. Anger gives bad advice and if the main characters do not get rid of it, anger will destroy their inner world and bravery.

Like flock of sheep (Simile)

When a few children disappear in Norwich, and then Sheffield, and then Manchester, the legend grows of a mysterious group of enchanters, who spirit children away. Some say their leader is a youth, who laughs and sings to “his victims so that they follow him like sheep”. It means children follow obediently like sheep follow their host.

Like a lion (Simile)

The author compares Asriel’s dream with the king of animals very interestingly. The Butler bows and hastens out; his dæmon is trotting submissively at his heels. “Asriel moves across to the fire and stretches his arms high above his head, yawning like a lion.” It means that his mouth is very large like the lion’s one.

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