The Golden Compass Irony

The Golden Compass Irony

Young and stupid

Asriel takes great care of Lyra and worries about her future. The Librarian says that this is “the duty of the old to be anxious on behalf of the young”. However, “the duty of the young is to scorn the anxiety of the old”. The irony is that being young children despise parents and think that they are smart. However, in fact they are stupid and should follow their parents’ example.

A human failing

Serafina Pekkala affirms that “if bears act like people, perhaps they can be tricked”. When bears act like bears, perhaps they cannot be fooled. Here, she ironically hints at the fact that people are terrible towards themselves. Sometimes, stupidity destroys their essence.

The most valuable thing

Lyra says that only the Masters get coffins. There have probably been so many Scholars all down the centuries that “there would not be room to bury the whole of them, so they just cut their heads off and keep them”. That is the most important part of them anyway. Although this is a black humor, but all the same the author finds this ridiculous, because Scholars do not have the valuable things except for their brains.

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