The Elite Literary Elements

The Elite Literary Elements


Dystopian, Romantic novel

Setting and Context

In the fictional country of Illéa, after the third world war.

Narrator and Point of View

First person subject point of view, from the protagonist, America Singer

Tone and Mood

Romantic, mysterious

Protagonist and Antagonist

America Singer is the protagonist and the antagonist is the caste system, and the king who enforces it.

Major Conflict

The safety of the country, and the relationship between America and Maxon.


When America is caught with Aspen by Maxon and Krissie.


America's name is a foreshadowing of the fact that her father is a member of the northern rebels.


America doesn't believe she is making a huge difference in the country, though she is, which is clear later when the Northern rebels want to have her as queen. America's belief of her own influence on the country is therefore an understatement.


When the rebels attack the palace and America is forced into a tree, while the rebels run away with loads of books, one girl stops, notices her and bows. Through this, it is alluded that the girl knows America, and might even respect her. The allusion is later confirmed when we later descover that the girl is a descentant of Gregory Illéa.


One of the most important moments of imagery is the one at the ending of the book, when Maxon finally proposes to America. This is important because both of them finally decides that they love each other, without anyone else being the the way. It also marks the ending of their love story.


At first, the rebels all seem mad, unfair violent and dangerous, but later in the book you get to know them. America quickly realizes that they are very fair and wise people, and decides to work toghether with them.


There is a constant parallelism between America before and after the Selection, which makes the reader see the differences in the castes and the unfairness of them.

Metonymy and Synecdoche




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