The Elite Imagery

The Elite Imagery

The presentation on live television

The presentation America holds on live television for the county is an important image in the book. America didn't only know of the injustice that was happening in the county; she had lived in it and felt it as well. She decided she had to fight for what was right, and did it in the most radical and sufficient was possible. America suggested the elimination of the caste system, which made the whole entire county focus on the wrongs they had to fix. It was the beginning of the betterment of the county of Illéa.

Maxon saving America

After the live presentation on television, the king was furious, but no punishment was given to America. That was because Maxon saved her by talking to his father. Later in the book, we find out that the King whipped Maxon for helping Amrica, and Gavril tells her that it is the first time Maxon ever stood up to his father.

Planning to win the Selection

At the very end of the book, America and her tree maids sit down to plan how she can win the Selection. This is the very first time America decides she wants to win, and is willing to fight for it. It also marks the beginning to the next book: The One.

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