The Elite Characters

The Elite Character List

America Singer

America Singer is the 18-year-old protagonist of “The Elite”. Formerly a Five, America is now a Three and one of the finalists in the selection, a competition in which Prince Maxon of Illea will choose his future Queen. She is a romantic who is unable to let go of her first love, Aspen Leger who serves at a Palace Guard. She is indecisive and unable to make a decision between the two men she has feelings for – Maxon and Aspen. She risks a great deal in continuing her relationship with Aspen during her stay at the palace. America has a strong and brave character, which is seen with the way she reacts to rebel attacks. She also makes the bold decision to reveal an unorthodox plan to the whole country regarding the strict caste system.

Prince Maxon Shreave

Prince Maxon is the 19-year-old Crown Prince of Illea. He is handsome, charming and easily wins over the contestants of the selection. He is fair and gives all the girls respect and chances to compete in the competition, even when he favours America. He is a just and empathetic royal who ensures that Marlee’s indiscretions not be responded to too harshly. He is a romantic who deeply loves America and goes out of his way to please her. He is also trusting and shares family secrets with her. Maxon is strong willed and suffers through pain and abuse at the hands of his father in silence.

Aspen Leger

Aspen is one of America’s love interests. In the previous novel he enlisted into military service to be close to America in the palace. He risks his life by sneaking to be near America. He is described as extremely good looking and attracts the attention of several women. He is kind, caring, loyal and vows to love America forever.

Marlee Tames

Marlee is America’s closest friend in the competition and a friendly girl. In this book it is discovered that Marlee was illegally fraternizing with a Palace Guard while being one of the ‘elite’ in the Selection. She bravely takes the punishment for her crime and is strong while facing the consequences. She adapts to a new secret life and remains loyal to love the guard she was with – Officer Woodwork.

Celeste Newsome

Celeste is a contestant in the completion who is a Two. She is an extremely beautiful former model, who makes it clear that she will do anything to achieve her goal of becoming queen. She is consistently unkind to other contestant and sabotage their chances in the competition. She specifically hates America who is Maxon’s favourite, and goads her at every chance..

Kriss Ambers

She is a contestant in the Selection and makes It to the ‘elite’. Kriss becomes close to Maxon in this novel, she is considerate and well mannered. She and America are friendly and polite with each other and work together on a project. Kriss is smart and presents an intelligent as well as carefully measures, rational plan to assist lower classes. She is level headed and calm.

Elise Whisks

She is a contestant in the Selection and makes it to the ‘elite’. Her family is wealthy and has connection to New Asia with whom the King of Illea wants to improve relations, hence, making he a valuable asset to the throne. She is described as proper, composed yet spineless and not strong willed.

King Clarkson Shreave

King Clarkson is the ruler of Illea. He is a dominant man who displays his true colours in this book with his severe disapproval of America and treatment towards his son to whom he is abusive. Maxon reveals that his father regularly beats him.

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