The Door in the Wall Themes

The Door in the Wall Themes

The Underdog Becomes The Hero

Robin is a very unlikely war hero; he is only ten years old and as well as that he is not a physically-fit ten year old, having malformed legs that cannot support him and needing to use crutches to get around. However on more than one occasion he turns out to be a hero; whilst he, John and the Friar are staying overnight at the White Hart Inn he saves the party from being robbed, and ultimately saves his uncles castle from the invading Welsh by calling upon his strength of character and strength of will to carry him where his physical limitations cannot. At the beginning of the novel he is the underdog but by the end he is the hero.

Faith in God

The monks who are taking care of Robin remind him to be thankful for his blessings although sometimes he secretly does not feel very blessed. As he spends more time at the monastery he begins to understand what they mean and also begins to enjoy the rhythm of the times of prayer and chanting that fill the day. As they are travelling to his uncle's castle the Friar asks God to bless the journey and says a prayer every time they come to a stop; their journey is almost like a pilgrimage.

The Difficulty of Life In Medieval Times

The author describes very well the times that the story takes place in with the danger of the plague spreading throughout the city of London and decimating the population. As well as this the weather had spoiled crops and therefore made some foodstuffs scarce, especially within city walls as travel in and out of the city was prohibited whilst the plague was still spreading. The country itself was under threat from invasion and attack by both the Scots and the Welsh and England was actively engaged in war with Scotland. Times were very difficult and there were a great many threats to the population's ability to live a peaceful existence.

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