The Door in the Wall Quotes


"Always remember that," said the friar. "Thou hast only to follow the wall far enough and there will be a door in it."

Brother Luke

Throughout the book Robin is told to look for the door on the wall. This actually means that he should follow whatever path is before him because there will eventually be an opportunity that takes him to the place he is supposed to be. Every wall will have this door if it is followed far enough, in the same way that an opportunity will come eventually too.

"It is indeed a sort of pilgrimage," said Brother Luke,"for always we shall set forth for the honor of God and in the hope that young Robin will be even stronger at the end of our journey than he is now."

Brother Luke

The journey was like a pilgrimage and consequently everywhere they stopped seems to have been some kind of church, even a makeshift one outdoors. On a traditional pilgrimage it might be hoped that someone suffering from an illness might be healed and this was the hope for Robin. A pilgrimage was also a way of praising God and going through some physical hardship to focus one's mind on one's blessings which this trip also enabled the group to do.

Sir Peter kept Robin's hand in his and spoke directly to him. "Each of us has his place in the world," he said. "If we cannot serve in one way, there is always another. If we do what we are able, a door always opens to something else."

Sir Peter de Lindsay

Sir Peter was telling Robin a variation of what Brother Luke had also told him; just because he was unable to fulfill the more physical aspects of his page boy duties did not mean that he could not be of service, and just because he could not be a hero in one way did not mean that he could not find a way to be a hero in your own way. Sir Peter is trying to explain that Robin's destiny was already waiting for him and he would find a way of being the person he was destined to become.

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