The Door in the Wall Metaphors and Similes

The Door in the Wall Metaphors and Similes

Simile of Trees

They knelt in the woods, as if it had been a cathedral.

The trees are likened to a cathedral in two ways; firstly the arch of the trees points heaven-ward and inspires them to prayer, and the trees are leafless and arch overhead forming the same gothic effect as old churches and cathedrals.

Simile of Mist

A heavy mist hung over the valley so thick it was like a white blanket which parted only enough for the next step to be seen...

the most is extremely low and rather than being in the air it actually seems to be an actual heavy piece of fabric that does not even allow for the travelers to see more than the length of a stride in front of them.

Simile of Travellers Appearing Out Of Nowhere

When wayfarers were met, it was as if they had appeared by magic, out of nowhere.

Travelers seem to magically appear because of the thick most that does not allow for seeing them approaching but they are suddenly visible when they are only a stride length away.

Simile of the Castle of Lindsay

Only Lindsay stands so, on a mound ringed with hills, like a pudding in a saucer.

Sir Peter Lindsay's castle appears to be like a large dessert that is nestled on a saucer rather than standing proudly at the top of the hill.

Simile of Robin and the Monks' Arrival at the Castle

They were received in the Great Hall as if they had been emissaries of the King.

Although as a family member of Sir Peter Robin would expect a pleasant welcome, they were actually received with such joy and hospitality they felt like they were as important as representatives of the King himself.

Simile of the Icy River

His chest felt tightly squeezed, and as if sharp knives pierced him.

When Robin first jumps into the river the water is so icy it does not seem to envelope him but to slice right through him like very sharp knives cutting into him and taking his breath away.

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