The Death of a Government Clerk Background

The Death of a Government Clerk Background

"The Death of a Government Clerk" is a short humorous story by Anton Chekhov. For the first time it was published in "Fragments" in 1883 with the subtitle "The case". It was included in the stories collection "Motley Stories" (1886).

One day, in the evening a clerk Ivan Dmitrievich Cherviakov went to the theater. He was on top of bliss. But suddenly he sneezed at the Privy General Brizzhalov. After this incident, Cherviakov went many times to apologize to the general, not realizing that the last had long forgiven him. In the end, the general thinking that he laughs at him, kicked Cherviakov off the service. Coming home mechanically, without taking off his uniform, he lay down on the sofa and died.

Chekhov was able to combine the "strict realism" with increased conditionality. At the beginning of the story, we can clearly trace the features of this direction, but at the end Chekhov’s work is beyond the scope of realism for which the mockery of death is unacceptable.

This work raises the theme of the "little" man. In his works, Chekhov tried to protest the suppression of the human person, and in the work "The Death of a Government Clerk" clearly shows the effects of the treatment: the subject of ridicule - a minor official, without any reasons is constantly confused.

It has been filmed twice: in 1971 as one of the fragments of film “These different, different faces”; and in 1988 at the studio Kyiv Science Film an animated cartoon of the same name has been filmed.

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