The Beauty Queen of Leenane Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Beauty Queen of Leenane Symbols, Allegory and Motifs


Ray tells Maureen that Pato left his party in a taxi. This is a symbol that reveals Maureen had merely imagined that Pato and her reconciled as she said it happened at the train station after his party, which is not the truth.

The Letter

Mag burns Pato's letter to Maureen. The letter is a symbol of Maureen's dream, and her opportunity to do more with her life, become more. Moreover, the fact that Mag burns it represents the value she places on Maureen's dreams.

Rocking Chair

At the end of the play, Maureen sits in her Mother's rocking chair with her sweater on as well. This is a symbol that Maureen has now taken the place of her Mother, essentially becoming an invalid too.


Maureen tortures her Mother in order to get her to reveal Pato's letter's contents. The torture is the symbol of Maureen and Mag having been unable to communicate in their lives. So much so that it leads to an outburst of suppressed emotions within Maureen that is violent and deadly.


Maureen throws a tantrum when Pato asks her to put on clothes the morning after they spent the night together. This is a symbol that Maureen is both insecure and immature in her ability to deal with her emotions.

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