The Beauty Queen of Leenane Quotes


"No. It does have sentimental value to me."


Maureen says this to Ray at the end of the play who is trying to buy the poker iron from her, but she won't sell it. She has killed her Mother with this iron and won't give it away, that's the sentimental value in it.

"I'm not appreciated."


Maureen says this to Mag in the opening scene. It's a statement that has grown out of years of being under-appreciated, not paid attention to, and shuffled to the side - all of which Mag has done to her daughter. It is the underbelly that creates the violent rage in Maureen in this play.

"That's all behind you now anyways, Maureen."


This is Pato's response to Maureen after she tells him of her nervous breakdown years before in London. It ironically foreshadows the end of this play when Maureen imagines Pato and her giving themselves to one another in an oath of love at the train station - an event that only occurred in her mind.

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