The Beauty Queen of Leenane Imagery

The Beauty Queen of Leenane Imagery

Hot Oil

Mag tells of Maureen pouring hot oil on her, burning her hand. The imagery sparks the sharp response of pulling back and the singeing of the skin by the severity of the heat of the oil. Something that an audience member can recall and/or imagine readily.

Assuming the Position

Maureen puts on her mother's sweater and sits in her rocking chair at the end of the play. The imagery creates the sense that she has now become the invalid willingly choosing a life of isolation rather than attempt to go out into the world.

Unable to Perfom

Pato's inability to perform sexually with Maureen is brought to full attention by Mag. This image stirs emotions including embarrassment and shame, anger, humor, empathy, etc. as each person has a different relationship to it who hears about it.


Maureen tells her mother of her and Pato having committed to one another before he left for America at the train station and we see she is awe struck by this. But Mag remains completely immobile. This image stirs in us the reality that something is horribly wrong and creates an air of suspense in the scene as we eventually are confirmed in our suspicion that Mag is dead when she falls over.

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