The Alchemist (Coelho)

The Alchemist (Coelho) Summary and Analysis of Epilogue


Santiago arrives at the abandoned church as night falls and looks at the stars. He remembers when he and the alchemist looked at the stars while traveling in the desert and thinks about how far he has come both physically and spiritually. The next morning he begins digging, and within half an hour his shovel hits something hard. Within the next hour he has unearthed a huge chest full of gold and jewels. He remembers that he must go back to Tarifa to give the gypsy her share. When he is ready to leave he smells the wind blowing off the desert - bringing with it the kisses of Fatima.


It is at this point in the narrative that the two parallel quests of Santiago come together. The fact that the physical treasure that Santiago sought was always close to home drives home the message that a spiritual journey is not about becoming someone else, but rather about finding oneself.

At the end of the narrative, Santiago returns to Fatima. This confirms what the Alchemist said about love: Santiago is able in the end to achieve both his Personal Legend and find his true love.