Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity (9th Edition)

Published by Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 1133949649
ISBN 13: 978-1-13394-964-0

Chapter 4 Stoichiometry: Quantitative Information about Chemical Reactions - Study Questions - Page 179k: 128


$39.7mg \space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2}$ for one tablet

Work Step by Step

Let's use the entire 12 tablet data and divide by the answer by 12 to get the initial tablet thioridazine content We are given $.301g$ BaSO$_{4}$ so we need to work backwards in the way the reaction occurred because we started with Thioridazine and ended with BaSO$_{4}$ $\frac{0.301g\space BaSO_{4}}{1}\times\frac{1 mol\space BaSO_{4}}{233.4g\space BaSO_{4}}\times\frac{1 mol\space SO_{4}^{-2}}{1 mol\space BaSO_{4}}\times\frac{1 mol\space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2}}{1 mol\space SO_{4}^{-2}}\times\frac{370.2g\space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2}}{1 mol\space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2}}\times\frac{1000mg}{1g} = 477mg\space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2} $ This mass is for 12 tablets so divide by 12 to get the mass for one tablet: $477mg\space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2} \div 12 = 39.7mg \space C_{21}H_{26}N_{2}S_{2}$
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