Human Anatomy & Physiology (9th Edition)

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Chapter 17 - Blood - Review Questions - Page 656: 15c


The name of the maturing erythrocyte when it is released from the bone marrow into the blood plasma is retculocyte. A reticulocyte differs from a mature erythrocyte in several ways: Reticulocytesare found primarily in bone marrow. Erythrocytes are found in blood plasma Reticulocytes have slightly greater diameters than erythrocytes Reticulocytes still have many clusters of ribosomes. Erythrocytes are devoid of ribosomes. Reticulocytes exist in the plasma for only about a day before they become transformed into erythrocytes.

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Reticulocytes represent a stage in the process of erythropoiesis from cells of erythrocyte colony forming unit (ECFU) to mature erythrocytes. Hematopoietic tissue develops from the yolk sac of the embryo which forms so-called blood islands. by the third week of pregnancy. Subsequently, the blood islands produce stem cells that invade hematopoietic tissues like liver,, bone marrow, spleen, and thymus, After the other tissues have stopped myeloid tissue production the bone marrow continues ; as a result all the formed elements of the blood derive from hematocytoblasts or pluripotential stem cells (PPSC) of the bone marrow. These cells develop into seven type of colony forming units(CFUs), one type responsible for producing each of the seven types of formed elements. CFUs give rise to precursor cells which produce formed elements of the blood. Erythropoiesis proper begins when erythropoietin hormone acts on CFU cells to form proerythroblasts. Proerythroblasts transform into erythroblasts. Erythroblasts multiply, synthesize hemoglobin, get rid of their nucleus and leave the bone marrow. as reticulocytes. In the blood plasma the reticulocytes lose their polyribosomes and mature into erythrocytes in about 24 hours.
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