Thinking Mathematically (6th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0321867327
ISBN 13: 978-0-32186-732-2

Chapter 6 - Algebra: Equations and Inequalities - 6.3 Applications of Linear Equations - Exercise Set 6.3 - Page 376: 66


The provided statement makes sense.

Work Step by Step

Any mathematical model is actually the mathematical presentation of a real-world scenario. Mathematical model is a very useful tool to have definite assessment in terms of numbers for daily life solutions. In this real-world problem is converted in an algebraic equations to get the solution of unknown quantities known as variables. It follows the five steps given below to get the solution. Steps 1: Read word problem repeatedly with care to understand the problem that what is given, what is to evaluate, and what are the relations among known and unknown quantities. Steps 2: If possible, write expression for other unknown quantity in the problem in terms of x. Steps 3: Write an algebraic equation in terms of x which models the verbal conditions narrated in the problem. Steps 4: Now solve the algebraic equation in order to get the solution of the problem. Steps 5: Last substitute the answer in original word problem to check that problem is rightly solved. Observe step 1 and 2. It is easy to know the given known and unknown quantities in any word problem. One can also easily express the unknowns in terms of variable x. But step 3 involves the translation of verbal conditions into an algebraic equation, which is most important part of the solution. If English phrases are not rightly translated, it can leads to wrong answer. And if English phrases are rightly translated other two steps can easily be executed and thus will lead to correct solution. Third step is the hardest part in solving a word problem. Thus, the given statement that, “I find the hardest part in solving a word problem is writing the equation that models the verbal conditions” does make sense.
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