Elementary Geometry for College Students (6th Edition)

Published by Brooks Cole
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:

Chapter 10 - Review Exercises - Page 485: 6


a.)undefined b.)0 c.)$\frac{1}{2}$ d.)$\frac{4}{3}$

Work Step by Step

a.) (2,-3) and (2,5) Slope formula m =$\frac{y2-y1}{x2-x1}$ = $\frac{5+3}{2-2}$ = $\frac{8}{0}$ = undefined b.)(3,-2)and (-7,-2) Slope formula m =$\frac{y2-y1}{x2-x1}$ = $\frac{-2+2}{-7-3}$ = $\frac{0}{-10}$ = 0 c.)(-4,1) and (4,5) Slope formula m =$\frac{y2-y1}{x2-x1}$ = $\frac{5-1}{4+4}$ = $\frac{4}{8}$ = $\frac{1}{2}$ d.)(x-2,y-3) and(x+4,y+5) Slope formula m =$\frac{y2-y1}{x2-x1}$ = $\frac{y+5-y+3}{x+4-x+2}$ = $\frac{8}{6}$ = $\frac{4}{3}$
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