Talk to Her Background

Talk to Her Background

Pedro Almodovar's transcendent Talk to Her stars Javier Cámara as Benigno Martín, Darío Grandinetti as Marco Zuluaga, Leonor Watling as Alicia Roncero, and Rosario Flores as Lydia González. It tells the story of male nurse Benigno and soon-to-be-friends Marco as they form a strong bond and friendship as they care for two women in comas. Things come full circle, leading to mystery and a bit of intrigue.

Prominent themes in Talk to Her include the difficulty of communication between different kinds of people, loneliness vs. intimacy, and love, continuing some of Almodovar's typical themes from previous films.

Upon release the film was met with profound critical acclaim. It currently holds a 92% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, with its consensus reading: "Another masterful, compassionate work from Pedro Almodovar." Pedro Almodovar was nominated for the Best Director Academy Award and won the award for Best Original Screenplay. The film also grossed over 51 million dollars, making it both a critical and financial success, thus cementing Almodovar's legacy as one of the most successful foreign filmmakers.

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