Survivor Background

Survivor Background

Surviving is Chuck Palahniuk’s second novel, first published in February 1999.

This describes the history of Tender Branson, who sits in the pilot’s cabin and tells the story of his life to the black box. He describes the events of his life before the seizure of the aircraft.

The book is devoted to religious fanaticism. The protagonist is an uncertain character, and at the same time terrifying, unpleasant. This image wanders from book to book, finding expression in different crazy characters. The last of the surviving members of the wildly totalitarian sect is trying to convert the world to the light. However, for himself all this light has no interest, while he learned to live again, the meaning of life has been lost. Chuck once again showed how painful the modern consumer society is.

In 1999, the American company 20th Century Fox decided to film the book, Jake Paltrou wrote the script, but the film was not shot because of the events of 11 September 2001. Currently, the company Thousand Words is developing the project the film adaptation.

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