11 September 2001 Background

11 September 2001 Background

A source of controversy as much today as it was when it was first published in 2001, Michel Vinaver's play '11 septembre 2001/11 September 2001' focuses on the tragic events of that fateful day, which saw the attack by terrorists on the World Trade Center, or Twin Towers, in New York City. Written by the playwright in French first but published in a bilingual French/English edition, '11 September 2001' is an avant-garde piece of theatre which uses contemporary testimonial from journalistic and media sources and personal stories to piece together how the world witnessed the attack and how the world has come to terms with it in the years since.

Consisting of an ensemble cast whose roles are both group ones and individual ones at different points, music and physicality play key roles in Vinaver's play. Described by some as sensationalistic and a blatant attempt to profit from the tragic deaths of those who were inside the World Trade Center on that terrible day and by others as a meaningful attempt to engage with an event which will never be forgotten by people who have seen footage of it, '11 septembre 2001' is a daring, provocative and artistically innovative piece of theatre and one that you must see before deciding which argument you agree with.

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