Sure Thing Summary

Sure Thing Summary

The action takes place inside a cafe and it starts when Bill enters the cafe, approaches Betty, and asks if the seat at her table is taken. She responds by saying yes and a bell rings for the first time, which permits Bill to start over again. Bill asks the same question one more time and this time, Betty tells him that he is waiting for somebody so the bell rings again and the conversation starts over. The third time, Betty tells his again that the seat is taken but Bill insists and Betty almost agrees to let him sit at her table but Bill makes comments about how she never knows who she turns down so the bell rings again. He is rejected one more time but then Betty agrees to let him sit with her while she continues reading. Bill tries to talk with her but Betty tells him that she wants to read in silence so the bell rings again. When they start talking again, thy start their conversation again from the point where Betty agreed to let Bill stay with her. They start talking about literature and the bell rings 7 more times and the conversation starts again from when she agreed to let Bill stay with her. They introduce themselves and Bill asks her is she comes to that cafe often. Betty responds initially that she is from Pakistan before admitting that she frequently goes to that cafe.

Next, they start talking about their relationships and Betty tells him that she is married, then that she is waiting for her boyfriend to break up with him and next that she has a lover pointing out that she arrived. After each answer, the bell rings and the conversation start again. Betty eventually admits that she just ended a long relationship so Bill invites her to go with him to a movie but she refuses.

The conversation starts again and this time, Bill talks about his failed relationships and the line about coming out from a long relationship is attributed to him.

The next subject they talk about is politics. The bell rings until Bill says that he is unaffiliated and until his answers are no longer sexist and possibly offensive. The conversation starts again from the point when Bill invited Betty to the movies. They both start talking at the same time about a movie festival and find that they have many things in common. Things develop quickly to the point where in the end of the play, Betty asks Bill is he will love her forever and he responds affirmatively. The bell rings one more time after they simultaneously call the waiter to their table.

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