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Bill is one of the two characters in the short play Sure Thing. The things we find about him are vague, and change after every bell. For example, we are told that he is married, has a girlfriend, was cheated on, and had a mental breakdown, likes Faulkner and movies made by Woody Allen. The reader is not told which one of these facts about him are true or not because he changes his answers every time there is the possibility of the conversation ending because what he said is offensive or can be interpreted. His name is a common one and the impression that Bill is just a normal, regular man is created through his lines. This uncertainty about his background is what makes Bill an intriguing character because it lets the reader imagine what of the things he said are true or not. However, there is no question in weather he likes Betty or not. Even if they met only once and they talked very little, when Betty asks him if he was going to love her and cherish her forever, he automatically responded positively. From this, we can assume that his goal in life is to find love and be loved.


Betty is the second character in the play and just like the male’s name, her name is also generic and doesn’t create the idea that she is something extraordinary. Just like in Bill’s case, the reader finds information about her that may or may not be true. When she talks about her love life, she presents herself as a wife, girlfriend who plans to break up with her boyfriend or cheated on girlfriend by her boyfriend. While Bill is static when it comes to the emotions he conveys in the play through his lines, Betty exhibits at one point anger when she talks about how men all seem to want one thing and that is have sexual intercourse with a girl without really caring about her feelings. She is the one who rejects Bill and without really thinking about it. Throughout the play, she says only one possible offensive line which starts the conversation again while Bill is the one responsible for the majority of the bells that appear in the play.

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