Sure Thing Background

Sure Thing Background

Sure Thing is a play written by David Ives. The play was first produced in 1988 and was later published in 1994. David Ives is an American playwright and writer who is most famous for his short and funny one-act plays. Ives is also famous for many of his longer works and his adaptations of musicals.

In the play, the two characters are named Betty and Bill, but the most important object in the play is a ringing bell, which has the power to reset their conversations, allowing each one to change what they say and believe to please the other. The bell effectively eliminates all negative things and points of tension between the two. This ends up making the two agree on everything, becoming the ideal couple, perfect companions. They also agree to fall in love and stay together by the end of their conversation. In Sure Thing, the words that Betty and Bill exchange have complete power over their lives, thanks to the ringing bell.

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