Super Size Me Background

Super Size Me Background

Morgan Spurlock set out to eat McDonald's food three times a day for 30 days. His choice in doing so is based on the increase in obesity in Americans which has spread to a level considered to now be an epidemic. Spurlock also wanted to find proof of what McDonald's food does to people after a lawsuit was brought against the mega-company by two overweight girls who alleged that the fast food chain's food made they obese. The director was set on finding out the truth, for himself, about the consequences of eating fast food every day just for a month. The effects were dramatic with Spurlock gaining 24 pounds and experiencing fat accumulation on his liver, increased cholesterol, mood swings, and sexual disfunction.

The film would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature. It was made for an estimated $65,000 and would go on to bring in over $22 million at the box office. McDonald's would go on to make the super size option on the menu no longer available after the film's release and began offering healthier options to its customers. McDonald's claims that this had nothing to do with the film's release and findings. Spurlock's film is a call to end fast food consumption and to put these food corporations out of business before they kill us all.

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