Shadow Kiss Quotes


You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can.

― Dimitri Belikov, Shadow Kiss

This is a clear foretelling of his sad fate at the end of the book. It is typical to assume at first that what he will lose is Rose, but, if you bring into play all of Dimitri’s ideals about rather being staked than maintaining life as a Strigoi, it becomes obvious that what he values above all else is his soul.

They come first.

Rose Hathaway, Shadow Kissed

This is the first time Rose's motto comes into question. All her life she has trained to put Lissa forwards and protect her and this is the first time that Lissa is taking advantage of it. Rose brings into question all preconceived notions about a Damphir’s role as a Guardian and for the first time, takes control of her own life.

Why didn't you tell me?" she cried. "Why didn't you tell me you loved Dimitri?

Vasilissa Dragomir, Shadow Kissed

This marks a real turning point in Rose and Lissa’s friendship. They have never kept secrets from each other, and Rose has always been privy to Lissa’s secrets due to the Spirit Bond but Lissa has never had the same privilege. Rose’s abuse of their friendship marks a fracturing in their relationship.

You love him more than me

Vasilissa Dragomir, Shadow Kissed

Rose has always placed Lissa’s friendship before anything else but now she is choosing to go after Dimitri. This symbolizes a bigger change in her ideals about being a Guardian and best friend. She is forced to choose between her best friend and the man she loves, and the fact that she chooses Dimitri, signifies a breaking in her and Lissa’s special bond.

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