Shadow Kiss Irony

Shadow Kiss Irony

Useless Vacation

Arriving at the ski resort, Rose is impressed by its fantastic atmosphere and conditions. She can forget everything connected with Strigoi, the stakes and the battles. But wealthy people come here only to discuss their business problems and jobs. Ironically, despite how nice it all is, “the place isn’t as decked out as the ski resort that people would stay in over the holidays.” Rose guesses when people come to the Royal Court, “they come for business, not a vacation.”

Fictitious Love

Queen Tatiana is sure that Andrian is the best candidate for the marriage with Lisa. That’s why she doesn’t like Rose, because the queen affirms that Rose and Andrian have love relationships and just feel affection to each other. Actually, as Rose says, she doesn’t love Andrian. The ironic thing here is that “Rose [is] fairly certain Andrian does just want to use her for sex." One more ironical moment is that love, which doesn’t exist between Andrian and Rose, is the most important problem for her instead of care about the country.

The Apprehensive Moroi

When Ralf and other Moroi decide to attract Lisa to their secret club Mână forcibly, they torture her with different torments, using the power of fire, water, and air. Rose hastens to Lisa’s help and begins to fight with group of Moroi. And when the Moroi see Rose’s face, they immediately back off. It is ironic, because these students fear to struggle with Rose in the presence of their strong power. Also, the irony is based on the fact that this group of spoiled, royal Moroi undertakes hardly any effort. None of them has actually thought to use it against Rose.

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