Saved Quotes and Analysis

"Wass yer name?"


Len asks Pam this in the first scene. It is humorous because they are back at her apartment and seem to be pursuing a sexual relationship. There is also a kind of sweet naivety to the question, in that it suggests that Len wants to get to know Pam, not just have sex with her.

"Where's the choclit?"


Pam asks Len where the rest of the chocolate is while they are in the boat in the second scene. She's so unaware that she doesn't know that she has eaten it all. This line subtly reveals that Pam is not paying much attention to Len and their relationship, that she is moving on.

"Yer'll catch cold with it open."


Harry says this to Len, who has been sleeping with his door open in order to listen for the crying child down the hall. Len doesn't trust Pam to care for the child, so he has taken matters into his own hands.

"I don't understan' yer. Yer can't enjoy stayin' 'ere. It's bad enough bein' stuck with a kid without 'avin' you 'anging round me neck."


In Scene 4, Pam tries to convince Len to leave the house, since he's still in love with her and she's annoyed by it. She says that life is hard enough with a baby, and she doesn't want to have to worry about Len pining after her.

"I ain' goin' a see yer no more."


Fred says this to Pam in Scene 6, one of his first attempts to shake her off for good. Even though they have just had a child together, Fred has no interest in being involved with raising it or having a relationship with Pam.

"Yer don't get a chance like this everyday."


Pete says this to the other men in the gang right before they stone the baby to death. He suggests that being alone with the baby is an opportunity, one that doesn't arise every day, and that they ought to seize the opportunity to be violent towards it while they can.

"Yer got yer own room upstairs. That's a nice room. Surprised yer don't use that. I don't mind what goes on, yer know that. As long as yer keep the noise down."


Mary says this to Len in Scene 9 when they are alone in the living room. She suggests that he ought to bring women home to have sex with them in his bedroom. It is the first boundary that she crosses in her subtle seduction of the young boarder.

"Wass it like?"


When Fred gets out of jail, Liz, his new girlfriend, keeps asking him what it was like. She says this line many times throughout the course of Scene 10, and it almost becomes a verbal tic.

"I'll go when I'm ready. When she's on 'er pension. She won't get no one after 'er then. I'll be out. Then see 'ow she copes."


In the second to last scene, Harry sits down with Len and tells him that he plans to leave the house. He discusses the fact that once Mary has her pension, he will leave her behind, suggesting that she will miss him once he's gone. This illuminates their ambivalent and fraught relationship dynamic.

"I might a know'd they'd a left yer. Lucky yer got someone t' look after yer."


Pam says this when she comes back on and sees that Fred and the boys left the pram. She speaks to the baby, having no idea that it has been killed in its pram.