Saved Glossary

tart (noun)

Derogatory British term for a woman who dresses or behaves in a way that is considered tasteless and sexually provocative.

blimey (exclamation)

used to express one's surprise, excitement, or alarm.

arse (noun)

British slang for buttocks.

bloke (noun)

British slang for man.

twit (noun)

British slang for a silly or foolish person.

saucy (adjective)

impudent; flippant.

bugger (noun)

Vulgar British slang used as a term of abuse, especially for a man.

pecky (adjective)

Short for "peckish," meaning hungry.

jumper (noun)

British term for sweater.

blinkin' (adjective)

Informal British term used to express annoyance.

lorry (noun)

British term for a large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting goods or troops; a truck.

daft (adjective)

Informal British term for silly; foolish.

scullery (noun)

a small kitchen or room at the back of a house used for washing dishes and other dirty household work.

Anadin (proper noun)

a brand of painkiller sold in the UK and Ireland, launched in 1932.

haversack (noun)

a small, sturdy bag carried on the back or over the shoulder, used especially by soldiers and hikers.

pram (noun)

British term for a baby carriage.

ferocity (noun)

The quality of being savagely fierce, cruel, or violent.

sod (noun)

Vulgar British slang for an unpleasant or obnoxious person.

Guy Fawkes (proper noun)

a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.