Saved Metaphors and Similes

“More like one a them daft mirrors at a circus” (Simile)

In Scene 4, when the television isn't working well, Pam compares it to a funhouse mirror at the circus, as a way of illustrating just how broken it is.

"This'll put 'airs on yer chest" (Metaphor)

In the first scene, Len feeds sweets to Pam and tickles her, saying that it'll "put hair on her chest," a joking metaphor about how she has to endure his advances. It is ultimately a kind of sexual metaphor about Len getting Pam to submit to him.

"I thought the cat was stuck in the chimney" (Metaphor)

This is a kind of indirect metaphor that Mary makes in Scene 4 when the baby won't stop crying. She compares its cries to a cat getting stuck in the chimney, signifying just how agonized and horrible the baby's screams are.

"I ain' lettin' a bloody little weed like you push me around!" (Simile)

In this moment, in Scene 9, Pam uses a simile to compare Len to a weed. It is an especially diminishing and hurtful thing to call him, and typifies Pam's abusive attitude towards him.

"I ain' puttin' up with your dirt" (Metaphor)

When Mary and Harry fight, Mary tells him she cannot put up with his "dirt," implying that he has a dirty mind and is imagining her attraction to Len. By calling him "dirt" she is drawing attention to his voyeurism, his desire to spy on people having sexual encounters in the house.