Samson Agonistes Quotes


‘’But what is strength without a double share

Of wisdom, vast, unyielding burdensome,

Proudly secure, yet liable to fall

By weakest subtleties, not made to rule,

But to subserve where wisdom bears command.’’


The realization that raw physical power is not enough came too late for Samson. Even if he was extremely strong, he lacked wisdom and was too proud for his own good. This is what led Samson to his deplorable state.

In power of others, never in my own


Through this quote, Samson expresses his feelings regarding his blindness. Because of his problem, he had to rely on others to help him and care for him. As a man who was feared and took care of himself and others, this was devastating to his self-esteem. The realization that he was now only a shadow of what he once was, affected Samson deeply to the point where he felt like a castrated sheep.

My self, my Sepulcher, a moving grave


A common belief that the human body was just a moving grave, the living death one the self is found in the puritan beliefs. Milton introduces in his poem some of the common beliefs found in puritanism and makes Samson reflect upon them.

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