Samson Agonistes Characters

Samson Agonistes Character List


Samson is the main character of this poem, and he is a biblical character adapted by Milton in his poem. The story focuses on the last part of Samson’s life, after he was captured and blinded. He blames himself for what happened and refuses to let his father blame God for his misfortune and takes full responsibility. We find a parallel between Milton and Samson, both being preoccupied with their loose of sight. We find that he has been betrayed twice by his wives and this led him to stop believing in women.


Manoa is Samson’s father who came to visit him in prison. He is a typical father, loving his son despite his faults yet loyal to God. He wants to save Samson but he refuses to let his father do it. He blames God for being too cruel in punishing his son but Samson advises him not to blame God.


Dalila is Samson’s wife who betrayed him to the Palestine. She I a cunning woman and tries to make Samson forgive her but he refuses to trust her. She tries to motivate her actions by saying that she did them put of love but Samson refuses to believe her.

The Chorus

They are a standard part in Greek tragedies and appear with the purpose of offering advice and help the characters reach a moral conclusion.


He is a giant who comes to insult Samson who is in prison. Harpha refuses to fight Samson because he thinks that it will bring him no honor fighting someone who is weak and without real power.

A soldier

He comes to take Samson to the public celebration.

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