Samson Agonistes Imagery

Samson Agonistes Imagery

Fallen Titan

The Chorus thinks about the way Samson was before he was taken captive and the image they create is that of a fallen God or Titan who in the past had everything but lost it all because of his own foolishness.


Samson creates a dismal picture when he talks about the friends he had and the people who betrayed him. For him, these types of people are animals, unworthy of his time and of God’s mercy.


Earth is seen s a mother and water is compared to milk. This idea that the Earth is like a mother comes from different mythologies where the earth is personified and it is given a maternal figure.


Samson talks about his fall often in the poem but the image he creates by associating himself with a castrated sheep is probably the most powerful when we think about his condition. He sees the loss of his power as the loss of his masculinity and purpose but also with the loss of God’s approval.


What bothers Samson the most is that he can’t see and that he is denied the most basic sense, the first created by God. Because of this, he sees himself as the lowest man on earth, lower than a snake and trapped in a body that for him represents his personal coffin.

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