Saint Joan Summary

Saint Joan Summary

The play starts with Robert de Baudricourt talking with his steward about the fact that the hens stopped laying eggs. Robert accuses his steward of stealing them but he assures his lord that he had nothing to do with them. The steward then tells Robert that the girl who came to see him a few days again was still there and was waiting to be heard. The steward began to believe what she was telling and he tells Robert that she is sent from God to raise the siege of Orleans.

Robert finds that the girl convinced some of his men and two of his noblemen so he called them to him to hear what they have to say about the girl. They expressed their faith in her and after that, Robert called the girl to hear what she had to say. Joan told him that she hears voices from god telling her that she will save France from the Englishmen and Robert decides to send her to the King.

After Joan leaves, the hens start to lay eggs and Robert sees this as a sign that she was indeed who she said she was.

At the court, King Charles is exited to hear that an angel wants to speak with him. despite the archbishop’s protests, the king agrees to speak with Joan and he is surprised when she knows that he tried to tick her by putting someone else sit on the throne. He speaks with her and she convinces him to give her command to his army, to Lord Chamberlain’s displeasure.

Joan arrives to the battlefield and there she encounters Dunois. As soon as Joan arrives, the wind changes and Dunois sees this as a sign that they can beat the Frenchmen so he gives the command of the army to Joan.

The Englishmen plan to have Joan killed after they suffer defeats lead by her and believe that if they offer the right price, she will be sold to them by her own country and then they will accuse her of heresy. This comes to pass as Joan is sold after the coronation and then is judged as a heretic. It is decided that she must be burnt as a witch but her heart refused to burn.

The play ends with an epilogue, in which king Charles is visited by Ladvenu who tells him about what happened with Joan and that after 25 years, her name has been cleared. Charles dreams about Joan and tells her about the new trial but she concludes sadly that the trial won’t bring her back.

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