Saint Joan Quotes


‘’No sir: we are afraid of you: but she puts courage into us.’’

Scene 1, The steward

Since from the first scene, we find that this idea becomes a recurrent motif throughout the play. Joan is seen as a courageous girl, almost excessively courageous, who somehow manages to influence the others around her and make them feel courage too. Her bravery comes from her belief in God while the others take their strength by believing in her and in her being sent by God and by other saints.

‘’You must not think about your duty to your feudal lord, but about your duty to God.’’


Here we see that even if Joan may fear war, she believes that it is more important to listen to God than to listen to what the others have to say. This idea is actually taken from the Holy Bible where it is stressed the importance of being loyal to God instead of listening to other people or Public institutions if what the public institutions or what those people say goes against God’s will. It seems that Joan listens to this advice completely as she constantly seems to go against what she is told to do by her superiors and chooses to listen to what God and the voices tell her to do.

‘’Our soldiers are always beaten because they are fighting only to save their skins: and the shortest way to save your skin is to run away.’’


Here Joan identifies the main problem regarding why the French always seem to lose and that is because they are fighting motivated by the desire to survive individually and not as a nation. The soldiers only cared about their own life or the profit they will get so they didn’t fought with all they had. This is in Joan’s mind the main reason why the French always lost to the Englishmen.

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