Saint Joan Metaphors and Similes

Saint Joan Metaphors and Similes

West wind

In the play, the west wind is used as a symbol for the unfavorable situations which kept the French from winning the war against the English. The French were unable to act against the English because of the west wind that prevented them from getting the help they needed. When Joan appeared, the west wind changed and thus the French started fighting against the English.


The throne it is usually a symbol for regal power used in literature. In Saint Joan however, King Charles admits that even though he sits on the throne, others rule in his place. For Charles, his throne is not a visible symbol of the absolute power he is supposed to have, but of his incapacity of being a true king.

False faith

Milton uses the Archbishop to symbolize those who have a false faith. The archbishop was supposed to be the most pious man but yet he refuses to believe in Joan and in her powers. He questions how true the miracles that happen in her presence are and says that she is a fraud, nothing more than a talented woman who can influence the others.

Unworthy king

King Charles is the type of king who got his position only because he had the right blood and nothing more. He is inadequate to be a king and those around him see this but they are unable to do anything about it. King Charles can be considered as a symbol of all those kings who ended up doing nothing good but continued to rule all their life only because they were born in the royal family.

Perfect model

Joan is more than just a girl: she is a model, the perfect mold and example of how faith should work in a person. She is a saint and probably she doesn’t know it. Joan is used to symbolize the pure faith and how powerful God can be, Joan proving that with God’s help, everything is possible.

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