Recitatif Quotes


“real orphans with beautiful dead parents in the sky.”


Twyla points out that she and her friend, Roberta, were seen as outcasts by the other orphans in the home and that the children refused to play with them. The reason why the children decided to ignore Twyla and Roberta is because they were not ‘’real’’ orphans, that is their parents or at least one of their parents was still alive. This made Twyla and Roberta be impostors and this also made the rest of the children want to avoid them as much as possible since it reminded them that while they had no choice, other children still had somewhere parents who were alive and who could be caring for them.

"I could have killed her.’’


Twyla thinks this words three times during the time her mother is at the orphanage. The first time she thinks about them is when she first sees her mother and realizes how she dressed for the meeting. The second time is when Mary looks at her face constantly during the church service and then, the last time, when Twyla realizes that Mary was the only one who did not brought any type of food for herself and for her daughter to eat. Twyla didn’t really thought about murdering her mother as much as she wanted to express her disappointment in her mother and in the fact that she was not behaving the way a normal, loving mother should behave.

"Joseph was on the list of kids to be transferred from the junior high school to another one at some far-out-of-the-way place and I thought it was a good thing until I heard it was a bad thing.’’


After Twyla got married, she had a little boy whom she named Joseph. When Twyla reunited with Roberta, it was around the same time when the schools were forcefully made to accept and to transfer kinds and many parents began protesting. Twyla admits that in the beginning, she did not mind her child being transferred to another school. In her opinion, every school was the same and thus there was no real difference between various schools. Twyla changes her opinion only after everyone tells her that those schools were ‘’bad’’. Twyla thus implies that in many cases, the people who changed their opinions did not did that on their own account but rather were influenced by other people.

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