Recitatif Irony

Recitatif Irony

Best friends with the girl she never thought she would like

Twyla explains that, in the beginning, she did not believe that she could be friends with Roberta. The reason behind this is that Roberta is a girl of color while Twyla is a white girl who was told that people of color are inferior. Ironically, however, Twyla and Roberta become good friends in the end, despite what they were taught in their youth.

Just like the others

Twyla mentions a woman inside the orphanage, a woman named Maggie who worked in the orphanage. The other children made fun of Maggie because of the way she looked and because she was infirm and would go as far as to beat her. Twyla was against this practices but she was also too scared to stand for her and to try convincing the other girls to leave her alone. Ironically, while initially Twyla lets it be understood that she had nothing against Maggie, she became to insult her as well, just like the other children would do.

Destroying the basket

Twyla and the rest of the children who had parents or living relatives made for them little paper baskets filled with sweets to be given to them as gifts. Twyla makes one such basket for her mother as well and she is excited to present her mother with the gift she has made for her. Ironically, however, Mary doesn’t even notice the basket and what is more, she even destroys it without even realizing what she has done.

The tables have turned

When Twyla meets with Roberta years later, Roberta changed drastically and she was no longer the scared and lonely girl Twyla met at the orphanage. Instead, Roberta became a confidant woman who knew what she wanted from life and who was not afraid to do what she pleases. Ironically, this description suited Twyla during the time she spent at the orphanage but this scene proves that people can change drastically in a short period of time and that nothing is set in stone.

I don't know how to read

When Twyla meets Roberta in the shop, years later, she finds that Roberta married a wealthy man and that she now was wealthy enough to have a car and a personal driver. Ironically, despite the wealth she was surrounded by, Roberta never learned how to read, something that Twyla cannot understand.

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