Recitatif Imagery

Recitatif Imagery

Prejudiced idea

When Twyla found that she will have to share a room with a person of color, she became scared, thinking about the way her mother would describe people of color. Twyla was told that people of color were dirty and lazy and that they cared about nothing. When Twyla meet Roberta, however, she found this not to be the truth and realized that all the ideas she had about Roberta were unjustified.

The trees in the orchard

One of the most important images in the story is the way the trees in the orchard are described. When Twyla was taken to the orphanage, the trees were barren and ugly, twisted and decayed. The orchard was an important place for Twyla and is one of the most important symbols in the story and thus the trees are important as well. Through the description of the trees, the narrator suggests decay, death and corruption, elements linked with the orchard’s symbolism.

Checking to see how she looks

The relationship between Twyla and her mother seems somehow tense, and Mary’s behavior does not make things better for Twyla, who tries to blend in. Mary behaves in such a way that even Mary sees her as being strange and easy and Twyla is appalled to see her mother overly concerned about her appearance during the church service they attended together. The image portrayed in that scene is not of a caring mother, but rather of a person who could care less about what happened to anyone except herself.

Like sisters

After Twyla meet Roberta in the gourmet shop, they both decided to go to a coffee shop and have a drink together. When entering the shop, Roberta caught Twyla just as she used to do when they were at the orphanage and Twyla began thinking how maybe, from the outside, it must have appeared as if they were sisters. This image is deceiving however as it becomes clear that Twyla resents Roberta for the way she treated her in the past.

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