Quicksilver Background

Quicksilver Background

Quicksilver is a 2003 novel of the picaresque genre, written by Neal Stephenson and published by a subsidiary of HarperCollins. The book is the first of Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle trilogy, a series of historical novels.

Quicksilver contains three separate novels pieced together, namely "Quicksilver", "The King of the Vagabonds", and "Odalisque". The three books were later on published as three separate paperback books to make the 944 page book less tedious to read. The story follows the development of various characters in 18th century Massachusetts.

Quicksilver won the Arthur C. Clarke Award and a nomination for the Locus Award. The other two novels in the trilogy are "The Confusion" and "The System of the World", which were both published in 2004.

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