The System of the World Background

The System of the World Background

The System of the World is a science fiction novel that was written by Neal Stephenson. It is the last book in the trilogy The Baroque Cycle, with the first two being Quicksilver and The Confusion of the World. The System of the World is highly acclaimed, having won the 2005 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel as well as the 2005 Prometheus Award and having been nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2005 also. Neal Stephenson is not only an author but also a game designer. His novels are mainly science fiction but also historical fiction and a few others.

As one may recognize, The System of the World was originally the title of one of Isaac Newton’s works, the third volume of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This work delves into topics such as math, cryptography, philosophy, and the history of science. With his rich experience in these subjects, Stephenson was able to write a complicated plot about Leibniz and Newton indirectly fighting with each other as both were trying to make the biggest breakthrough in their lives, and in the history of science thus far.

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