Quicksilver Characters

Quicksilver Character List

Enoch Root

A constantly recurring character in the book, Root is an alchemist who is commonly seen with his fellow alchemists like Newton and Locke.

Daniel Waterhouse

Son of Puritan Drake Waterhouse, he takes after his father and is a strict Puritan himself. He gradually becomes more involved in the workings of British politics in the later parts of the novel. He is also the roommate of Issac Newton and a prominent member of the Royal Society.

Jack Shaftoe

One of the main characters of the second book, Shaftoe is and English vagabond. He rescues Eliza, who is a former harem slave and is later known as the "King of the Vagabonds". He also ends up becoming enemies with Duke d'Arcachon.


Formerly a slave in the Sultan's harem, she is rescued by Jack Shaftoe just as she is about to be killed by janissaries. She goes on to become a French countess, as well as an investor and spy for William of Orange and Gottfried Leibniz.

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