My Sister's Keeper Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

My Sister's Keeper Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Locket (Symbol)

Anna’s locket, which her father presented to her, symbolizes here some kind of connection, love between the daughter and the father. Selling it, Anna shows that she is eager to give even the most valuable thing for her in order to fulfill her sister’s wish – she will sue using the money for the locket and thus stop Kate’s suffering.

Stars like people (Allegory)

Brian thinks about stars, that some of them “slow and long, like red dwarfs. Others - blue giants - burn their fuel so fast they shine across great distances, and are easy to see. As they start to run out of fuel, they burn helium, grow even hotter, and explode in a supernova. Supernovas, they're brighter than the brightest galaxies. They die, but everyone watches them go.” Here the reader sees hidden comparison of stars with people. Some of people live long, but gray life, but there are people who live short lives, but these lives are so replete, they influence so huge number of other lives, that it seems that these people are worn out, that their mission in the Earth is completed, and they die. And a vivid example of these “supernovas” is Anna.

Diary (Motif)

The story is built in such way, that it resembles a kind of a diary, where all the memories and important moments are collected. But the distinctive feature of this diary is that it’s written not just by one person, but by the several people. The plot of the story seems like the sphere of events, which the reader sees from different sides. Splitting the story into dates and between different narrators, the author adds vividness to it, makes the plot easier for perception.

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