My Sister's Keeper Irony

My Sister's Keeper Irony

Constant reason for giving Kate everything best

Referencing the “funchy” pillows which Anna was always giving to Kate, Anna ironically says that, of course, the treatment was deserved, because “she's three years older than me or because she's sick or because the moon is in Aquarius—there's always a reason.” Thus she shows how this excessive attention to Kate bothers her, because she understands that, for example, those pillows don’t help her sister to get well in any way.

A table, neat enough for playing football on it

Sitting in the attorney’s office, Anna notices that his table is ”so neat, you could play Chinese football on the blotter.” Thus she unintentionally highlights the man’s tidiness and accuracy, therewith laughing at it in some way.

Jelly bars, bad cream, slimmy lettuce are as fatal as leukemia

Once Sara saw an issue in a newspaper, where a woman claimed that her mother-in-law judges her for not cleaning her refrigerator, and thus this woman thinks that her life is being ruined under these judgements. Sara laughs at this, and Brian joins her, adding that maybe cream gone bad or slimy lettuce are also that problems which may ruin somebody's life. Thus they show that those people, like that woman, don’t understand how miserable their problems are in comparison to others’.

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