My Sister's Keeper Characters

My Sister's Keeper Character List

Anna Fitzgerald

She is a 13 year old girl who was born for the specific purpose of helping her sister regain her healthy by donating her blood and organs. However, she does not want to donate her kidney to her sister Kate and seeks emancipation from her parents via a court of law in order to make her own medical decisions.

Kate Fitzgerald

Kate is very ill and suffers from leukemia. She asks her sister Anna to seek emancipation as she does not want Anna to donate her kidney and she believes that she will not live very long anyway.

Jesse Fitzgerald

He is Anna and Kate's brother and has been neglected for most of his life due to his parents being focused on Kate and her health. He burns down buildings as he is a bit of a rebel and his parents only find out about this later.

Sara Fitzgerald

She is the mother of Jesse, Kate and Anna and has been focused on Kate for all of Kate's life and wants her daughter Anna to donate her kidney to Kate. She is the opponent in the legal battle for Anna's emancipation.

Alexander Campbell

He is the lawyer hired by Anna to help her seek emancipation from her parents via a court of law. He takes on the case in order to gain more publicity for business purposes and also seems to care for Anna.

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